First Responders Maker Program

This is a three-year program for current and former First Responders. We are providing scholarships for more than 60 participants to attend this two-day long program.

Participants reconnect with their creativity and are reminded of their individual potency through the experience of forging two of their own knives.

This program is currently in a pilot phase in cooperation with the Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA).

Selection of scholarship recipients is managed by the Australian Federal Police Association. Members of the AFPA can send an email to to request further information about participating in this program.

First Responder Organisations from around Australia who are interested in participating in this program should contact us via

This program is possible thanks to a generous grant from an anonymous private foundation.

When you donate to The Cuppacumbalong Foundation, you have the option of choosing which cohort your money will go towards.

All donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

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