Defence Families Sculpture

The Cuppacumbalong Foundation provided scholarships that allowed two people (an adult and a child) to attend a Family Sculpture course conducted by Tharwa Valley Forge. This program was open to the immediate families of current and former serving members of the Australian Defence Force living or working in the ACT.

These scholarships have been made possible by your donations to The Cuppacumbalong Foundation and a Veterans Grant from the Community Services Directorate of the ACT Government.

When you donate to The Cuppacumbalong Foundation, you have the option of choosing which cohort your money will go towards.

All donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

This was a one-day basic course designed to bring family members together to work on a garden sculpture project. The projects are designed to last a long time and provide an ongoing reminder of what participants achieved together. This program was delivered to children aged 10-14 years and adults.

At the end of the course, each family group had produced a 70cm spherical garden sculpture formed out of shapes they chose. The participants used cold-smithing techniques to hammer the shapes into the required curvature, before welding them together into a large sphere. The children were placed in charge, making all decisions under the guidance of expert instructors.

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