Forge 60

The act of making something with your hands has a profound effect and delivers distinctive satisfaction. The urge to create things that are tangible and useful is a deeply human instinct. The Cuppacumbalong Foundation funds places in creative courses that help individuals heal through making.

Research has shown that learning-by-doing, or making things, can improve problem solving abilities, increase creative and critical thinking and improve self-esteem. The outcomes of courses provided by The Cuppacumbalong Foundation have proven to be empowering and healing. Over many years participants have noted improved motivation, confidence and general wellbeing.

The creative courses funded by The Cuppacumbalong Foundation have been developed by respected educators and craftsmen over twenty years. The therapeutic value of our courses enable people to slow down, focus and reconnect as they are mentored, develop new skills and make practical and tangible keepsakes.

Our experience is that when people make things in our courses, they feel better.